• Making Business Easy
    By fixing your Marketing, Human Resources, IT and Operations
  • We create partners
    We don't create customers but partners to help business Grow

4P Ideology of Business

Software Development
Digital Marketing

Personalised Solutions

We create personalized marketing, training and recruitment, software and networking solutions for you

Professional Approach

We provide solutions that STAND out and Make your business efficient for your customers

Proactive Support

We believe in creating partners not customers and take care of your business issues like a true Business Partner.

We Are Expert – In Our Service

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing, SEO, Blogging

Content is King. It is the content which will help build your brand and establish your authority on the subject matter. We will research the customer life cycle for your industry and build blogs for customers in various stages of their buying life cycle research, awareness, consideration, purchase, advocacy

Social Media Marketing

Social Media landscape is changing fast and has caught the fancy of the marketers. All Social Media may not be for you, selecting the right Social Media platform to promote your product is important. Our experts will not only help you select the right platform but also help the create campaign to reach your target audience and meet business goals.

Email Marketing

Inspite of growing digital marketing channels email marketing still remains the best performing channel. Their is a thin line between well thought out email strategy and spamming. It has to be used carefully and involves expertise in managing the email lists, designing messages to convert leads to sales.

Mobile Marketing

Explosive growth in the mobile technology has thrown up several opportunities for the marketers to engage with their leads. The seamless integration of all digital marketing channels with the mobile technology is important.

Training & Development

Training Topics 
Management & Business Skills
Attitude & Values
Change Management
Competency Based Recruitment
Customer Orientation & Dealing
LeadershipRead More
Stress Management
Team BuildingRead More
Marketing in the Digital World
Understanding Marketing in Digital World Online Shift
Online Advertising
Email Marketing Read More
In bound Marketing
Building Customer Persona
Reputation Management in Digital Age
Social Media Marketing
Personal Effectiveness and Behavioral Skills
Building Behavioral Skills with Transactional Analysis
Interpersonal Skills
Developing Personal Effectiveness
Personality Development & Body LanguageRead More
Communication & Presentation Skills
Art of Selling
Supervisory Skills for Non Managers
Effective Negotiation Skills
Time Management & Work life Balance
Legal Skills
Labor Welfare Laws & Social Security Legislation
Consumer Protection Act
Making Workplace Safe for Women a legal perspective

Custom Software Development

  • Hospital Management System & Patient Record Keeping
  • Laboratory Management Systems
  • Campus Management System
  • Lead Management System
  • Library Management System
  • HR & Payroll System
  • Billing & Inventory Management
  • Sales Team Management

Business Consultant: Marketing, HR, Placement & Operational Excellence

4p Development is a young business consultancy company for small and medium-sized businesses. We help businesses achieve exponential growth through a combination of strategic Marketing initiatives, HR initiatives and Operational efficiency to generate surplus.

Our consultants are both talented and experienced. All have worked at a senior level in corporate organisations and also understand the challenges small to medium businesses face.

We adopt data driven approach to deliver best solution to our clients. We adopt 5 R’s process: 

  1. Recognize: To understand and recognize your needs.
  2. Review: To review your existing plan and establish performance baselines
  3. Research: To identify, validate and select root causes
  4. Recommend: To formulate solutions
  5. Resolution: To implement solutions and control measures to stabilize success

Our process kicks-off with a one-on-one consultation with our Consultant where we will understand your business goals and identify your challenges. After this meeting you will be able to:

  • Learn about our process of consultancy
  • Prioritize the issues which need to be addressed
  • Assess the preparedness of the organisation to address the issues

Areas where we can help you

Marketing Consultancy

  • Market Research

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Strategy

  • New Market and Product development

Placement and HR Consultancy

  • Head Hunting and Placement Services
  • Recruitment Process
  • Employee Productivity
  • Policies and Procedure formulation
  • Training and Development
  • Grievance & Discipline
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Employee Turnover & Feedback
  • Labor Law Compliance

Operational Excellence

  • 5S
  • Lean Management
  • Six Sigma
  • Layout Design
  • Inventory Management

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